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From Arkin <>
Subject Re: more stuff on JAAS
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2000 00:31:24 GMT
> Are you kidding me, is there only one simple dependency between JAAS and
> JDK 1.3? If true than I'm flabbergasted, I haven't thought about this,
> just assuming there were some security changes in the core API as well.

There are two security changes in the API that I know of, they support
principal-based policies and domain consolidation, or something like
that. But they do not affect the operation of JAAS, you can get the same
functionality from JAAS in 1.2 and 1.3.

> It would be great to have JAAS for JDK 1.2 for its scope would be much
> bigger. Sun only has a beta for Windows NT, people using Solaris are
> punished also (yes I know the reason :-) which is a good thing IMHO)

Tell me about it :-)

> B.T.W. is it true IBM is doing an implementation for JDK 1.2, a search
> at their website didn't give me any info on this. It is a shame Sun
> isn't doing this as well, a JDK 1.2.3 (looks cool) is a good idea anyway
> for there are plenty of bug to be resolved.

Heard about it, but have not yet seen it. If 1.1.8 is any indication,
IBM's 1.2 will run faster than Sun's 1.3, which means I would rather see
1.2 supported even when Sun's 1.3 is shipping on all platforms.


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