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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject Re: JSP engine improvements (was: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-PLAN-3.2 STATUS.html)
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:30:03 GMT

Petr Jiricka wrote:

> I'm not sure. I'll never work full time on Jakarta, and I still know quite
> little about the architecture, known issues etc. Well, first step is that I
> will learn how to run the regression tests and other stuff that I would
> need, and we can see later about whather I should be a commiter or not.

Ok. Your call. A committer does not have to be anyone working fulltime on this.
(Example: me).

> I will try to propose in a couple of days what I thought the compiler and
> parser interfaces could be.


> >
> > > Another thing I would like to improve in the JSP compiler is error
> > > reporting, i.e. have line number information in all
> > compilation errors.
> >
> > I take it that you mean this is broken currently?
> What I mean is to throw ParseException with approperiate Mark on every
> compilation error instead of JasperException. Right now this is done in the
> Parser and JspReader, but not in the generators. Generators throw
> JasperException, which means that there is no information about line
> numbers. Or is there a reason why generators shouldn't throw ParseException
> ?

Originally ParseException was intended only for parsing errors and
JasperException for everything else. You're right that there is no Mark with

> That's what I mean:
>   Tomcat 3.2 Milestone 2 Release: Code Freeze/Tag Date: May 5, 2000 (from
> jakarta-tomcat/RELEASE-PLAN-3.2)

Sounds good.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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