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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: persistance of generated servlet.
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 23:18:02 GMT
> > > If I restart the server the behavior should be the same as when
> > > I start the server for the first time. History should not
> > > chage the result of the execution of the JSP.
> >
> > It's better to change JSP compiler to detect all dependencies -
> > this way you'll not have to restart the server in the first place.
> earlier i thought about doing this. the solution i thougt about is add more
> dependency info in the generated servlet. example: an isOutDated method in the
> generated servlet. This makes the servlet non-portable and affects things like
> using the extends directive.
> other solutions like maintain persistent data somewhere about dependencies
> seemed like more work :-)

A long-term solution is to separate the dependency code out of JSPServlet and
make it a stand-alone component.

The dep info doesn't have to be in the servlet - and doesn't have to be in
JSPServlet either.

It can be a simple interceptor ( that can be removed in production env ).
There are many advantages :

- we can move the class reloading code out of ServletWrapper where it is
- we can add a nice "automatic recompile servlets if .java file change" to
- we can make the code really efficient ( since it will have a clear interface,
it's much harder if it's somewhere deep inside JspServlet and ServletWrapper)
- we can set any dependency we want - including deps to .jar files, etc.
- it can be used by other components.

I see no major problem - and I volunteer to implement it if
nobody else wants it.


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