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From "Anil K. Vijendran" <>
Subject Re: JSP engine improvements (was: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat RELEASE-PLAN-3.2 STATUS.html)
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 19:58:04 GMT

Petr Jiricka wrote:

> >       <td>Design an implement a tool for creating and
> > customizing web application
> >           deployment descriptors (i.e. <code>web.xml</code>
> > files) in a
> >           user friendly manner.</td>
> We are working on this as a part of the Forte for Java tool. I think it
> would be a waste of effort to have two similar projects, especially since
> Forte for Java will become an open source project as well. We are not sure
> yet, though, whether this will be a part of the free Community Edition or
> the commercial Internet Edition.

Hmmm. I can see that having a tool that comes bundled with Tomcat would be a
Good Thing (tm). How good this tool will be remains to be seen but for now I'd
say this functionality (ability to create and customize web.xmls) is all we
care about while Forte does a lot more.

I'm still a +1 for having such a tool in Tomcat, unless Forte becomes a Jakarta
project too :)

> >       <td>Incorporate support for pluggable JSP page parsers.</td>
> I would like to volunteer to contribute to this. In particular I would like
> to improve the following:
> - Make a clear distinction between the parser and the compiler, i.e. there
> should be APIs to run the compiler and APIs to run the parser (compiler's
> subcomponent) without the compiler. When running the parser alone, you
> shouldn't need to be concerned about settings for the compiler.
> - Make the parser independent of a particular XML parser, or ideally, allow
> for external entity - the implementor of the parsing interfaces - to supply
> the tag library data (taglib-related information from web.xml, creating a
> TagLibraryInfo implementation from a resource).
> - Make it possible to run the compiler from a non-File based document base.
> I will try to design some interfaces which would make this possible.

Cool. This is great. If you like to be a committer, I'll be more than happy to
propose you...

> Another thing I would like to improve in the JSP compiler is error
> reporting, i.e. have line number information in all compilation errors.

I take it that you mean this is broken currently?

> Ideally I would like to get this implemented by Milestone 2.

This kind of stuff is only going to happen for 3.2. The 3.1 track is code
freezing anytime now.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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