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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: possible Tomcat 3.1 issues
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 12:46:44 GMT wrote:

> > The idea is that there should be a logger per significant subsystem and
> > each subsystem can generate a message that can be XML wrapped OR can
> > inidicate to the logger that it will format its own messages and the
> > logger shouldn't wrap them in <XML>...</XML>.
> I had an extensive off-line conversation with Costin about this.  My
> position is that it is rather presumptuous for an embeddable component to
> predetermine the formatting of log entries.  The core code should determine
> what data needs to be logged (either with name/value pairs or
> positionally), and leave it up to the logging subsystem to determine how to
> format it.  Simply put, some hosts may already have their own conventions
> defined.

I only hazily remember parts of that discussion that got forwarded to me. In
the interest of simplicity in the core, I'm tempted to agree with you... i.e
don't have any custom output in the subsystems and instead leave the logger
(or any of its implementations) to decide how to format them.

> > <tongue>
> >   <in>
> >    <cheek>
> Cool!  I really like the fact that the inter-working relationships and tone
> of notes has improved much since days which lead up to the previous (3.0)
> release.  When people can poke fun at each other in e-mail and it is taken
> in the spirit intended, as a team we must be doing something right.

Not to mention the general euphoria about Tomcat...  The kitten's got claws.
She's growing. :-)

> > The reasoning behind XML-logs is that XML is cool :-) I believe
> > perl/sed/awk based log processing is more than enough but these days we
> > want to have all kinds of transformations declaratively specified that
> > postprocess these XML logs to all kinds of cool things -- for example an
> > MS Word document which will then be at its peak of human readability :-)
> +1 to implementing a logger which formats the data as XML.  -0.6 to putting
> the XML directly into the core.

I agree here.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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