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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: possible Tomcat 3.1 issues
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 07:55:59 GMT
Jason Hunter wrote:

> Anil Vijendran wrote:
> > I agree with you that logging output is generally haphazard and
> > should be made uniform. Why don't you file a bug report Jason?
> Because all I have now is a gripe, not a solution.  :-)  Do we have a
> setup yet?

Generally people use to sink in their gripes

> > The idea is that there should be a logger per significant
> > subsystem and
> > each subsystem can generate a message that can be XML wrapped OR can
> > inidicate to the logger that it will format its own messages and the
> > logger shouldn't wrap them in <XML>...</XML>.
> Right, I remember the idea flying by.  Then one day XML logging
> appeared.  Yes, it was a day a while back and I could have spoken then,
> but I'm kinda busy with other things right now -- you'll see *what* when
> I release -- hint, it's not a book.

P l e a s e... I can't stand the suspense ;-)

> > want to have all kinds of transformations declaratively specified that
> > postprocess these XML logs to all kinds of cool things -- for example
> We need to get a unified story together.  Did anyone have one?  I don't
> remember there being an official proposal that got 3 +1 votes for this.
> If someone did make the proposal, can they did it up or give some clue
> where we could dig it up?
> Assuming there isn't a unified story, we need to consider if we should
> have one before 3.1 release.

Well, the part of the unified story that is missing right now is a
tool/servlet that postprocesses these logs and generates HTML out of them
and this would be integrated with the admin tool. Nice idea, I thought.

I guess the people that had logging as their deliverable for beta didn't
have the time to do it :-)

For now, my suggestion would be to make all these logs consistent both in
nomenclature/appearance and where they go -- file or stdout. Much of this
is configurable though, BTW.

> > Now w.r.t your missing a chance to -1 things... you should either
> > follow cvs messages or build Tomcat more often, Jason :-)
> <friendly-spar>
> Oh, I follow and build.  Not all of us have Tomcat as our primary day
> job though.  :-)
> </friendly-spar>

Oh I understand :-). 'Tis perfectly okay to stand up and -1 things when you
notice them. It is better that way than never.

Peace, Anil +<:-)

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