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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [BUG] handler problem with mod_jserv under virtual hosts
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 17:56:55 GMT

I was messing around pretty heavy with mod_jserv to install both Cocoon1
and Cocoon2 on both jserv and tomcat all running under the same server.

Probably I'm the only one crazy enough to try this... and I found a bug

Here is an extract of my setup, which I replicated with other servlets
and it's not Cocoon, nor jserv/tomcat related... I believe this is a
problem with mod_jserv code, but this is pretty annoying since it
prevents some important operations on virtual hosts.

the important part of my httpd.conf is:

    ApJServMount /servlets ajpv12://
    ApJServMount /servlet  ajpv12://

    <Location /jserv/>
       SetHandler jserv-status

    ApJServMount /cocoon1/servlet ajpv12://
    Action cocoon1-action
    Alias /cocoon1 c:/code/

    <location /cocoon1/samples>
     DirectoryIndex index.xml
     SetHandler cocoon1-action


does the normal response, and also

works perfectly, in all it's part (showing the right virtual hosts). But
if I try

the "jserv-status" handler is called. Note, that the exact same code
works as expected outside virtual hosts.

Unfortunately, I don't know the internals of mod_jserv well enough to
patch this. Anyway, I suspect that nobody found this because the
"SetHandler" behavior for servlets is not well recognized. (normally
servlets are mapped to extentions or thru ApJServMount, not using the
more standard Action, AddHandler and SetHandler apache directives).

Hope this helps.

[note: I'm not subscrived to tomcat-dev but I think both teams should be
aware of this, in case others have problems with virtual hosts]
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