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From Eduardo Pelegri--Llopart <>
Subject how to reach the specification people re: JSPs...
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 19:59:57 GMT
Hi all:

Sometimes I see messages in these mailing lists that essentially include
a question to the "JSP spec authors".  At one point or another that
means me.  Although I try to track these mailing lists, it is becoming
less and less possible for me to guarantee doing so.  Mail is really the
"killer" app: my inbox is killing me, and in attempt to stay alive, I
have started using server-side filtering aggresively.

Fortunately, there are more targetted email addresses for JSP spec
feedback and I am going to keep monitoring; hopefully better now that my
inbox will become more manageable. 

* If you want to send feedback on the published JSP specification (that
would be JSP 1.1 at this point, please send mail to

* If you want to send feedback on features for the new JSP
specification, which is done using the JCP process under JSR053, send
mail to

* SImilarly, for issues regarding the standard tag library, send mail to

Finally, you can always send mail directly to me, at

WHen sending mail, do it in the "to:" field.  Otherwise my filters make
send it to my lower priority files.

Thanks much for your patience.  I've resisted doing this type of thing,
probably longer than I should, but I hope the result is better access to

	- eduard/o

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