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From David Jian <dj...@UU.NET>
Subject Config Problem for Tomcat 3.1 418 release
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 16:58:48 GMT

I upgrade from tomcat 3.1 rc1 (4/10)  to  4/18 release. My files structure is

         |-- webapps

I add my staff (uuio) to rc1(4/10) with new \conf\server.xml and
\Web-Inf\web.xml, it works well. But whe I add the same path and same
server.xml and web.xml to the 4/18's release, It automatically add extra
/servlets/ to my staff. It looks like this:

rc1 release URL: http://myhost/uuio/servlets/myhtml.html

4/18 release URL: http://myhost/uuio/servlets/serlvets/myhtml.html

However the URL for \examples is no problem as

Could someone tell me what should I do to fix this? It's probably somewhere
in a config file.

Please help!



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