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From Arieh Markel <Arieh.Mar...@Central.Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Question about (apparent) change in behavior in Tomcat
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 17:50:13 GMT

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> Subject: Re: Question about (apparent) change in behavior in Tomcat
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> > . The problem I have is that the host returned is 'localhost', even when
> >   the browser accessing the request is on a different machine.
> >
> >   On the previous version (from Mar 20 approximately), the behavior was
> >   'correct', i.e. it returned the name of the host.
> I think I fixed that today - it was result of reusing the Request instance,
> and a bug in recycle()/HttpRequest.
> Please check - and let me know if it's still broken.

Before proceeding on that route, I decided to download and install the
'official' 3.1 version.

I discovered the change of behavior in how the 'default' servlet appears
to operate.

It so happens that our application had overridden the 'default' servlet within
our default context.

At execution time, tomcat had no problem using the default servlet to
serve files, and no conflicts appears with 'our default' servlet.

On the new revision, 'our default' servlet overrode the original one,
and it was called to serve those files.

The modification I put in place was to rename our default servlet not
to conflict with the original default one.

> > . Before, on non servlet URLs (for example html pages, javascript, gif),
> >   the path to the page appeared on the PathInfo component of with the
> >   servlet appearing on the URI.
> >
> > . Now, they are intercepted but they appear not to be associated with
> >   the servlet.
> Are you using a mapping or the default servlet ?

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