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From "Dimitri Laloue" <>
Subject Re: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2000 22:46:27 GMT
I am writing a RequestInterceptor for tomcat.

I have some questions about the implementation, and woyld be interested in
some additions for the next release.

I try to get the information of a response ( response line, headers and
body). I am confronted with  two main issues:
   - the afterBody is not implemented, so I can't easily get the body with
the method Response.getBody  ( that is defined
      in  the class tomcat.core.ResponseImpl, but not in the interface
tomcat.core.Response ? )
   - the interface tomcat.core.Response used doesn't allow to access headers
by some "get" methods ( like allows the request interface),
     even by its HttpServletResponseFacade ( we haven't access to neither
the protocol nor the status message too).   But its allowed in
     the interface "tomcat.response", so is there any reason to it?

So if what i found is correct, I would be intersted for the next release to
have access to the headers ( by  get methods as in the interface
"tomcat.core.Request") , protocol and status message ( these both are not
vital),  and in an implementation of the afterBody method!



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Subject: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...

> If anyone knows of any issues that they feel absolutely must be resolved
> before release, please speak now or forever hold your peace!
> >From what I can see, the release looks pretty good.
> - Sam Ruby
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