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From "Richard Vowles" <>
Subject Multi-homing/Virtual named hosts
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 05:44:15 GMT
Hi all,

I have just joined this list so I don't know if this is a FAQ question, but
have there been any thoughts on how to implement multi-homing? My initial
belief after reviewing the source code and the XML files is that the server
name(s) need to be added as a "primary key" on the <Context> element in the
server.xml - and recognised as such in the code. This would mean that there
could be two (or more!) contexts with a path = "", in which case the server
name is matched (in fact the server name should always be matched, probably
with comma seperated wildcard capability).

I know it isn't in the release plans for the current version but I need it
and I'm happy to implement it for inclusion in a later release version (if
someone else isn't already), but I would like to maintain adherence to the
overall structure of how it is intended to be done...

Richard Vowles, Infrastructure Architect, Inprise New Zealand
home-email: ", work-email: ""

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