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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject Re[2]: WAR File problem - Don't cut final version until fixe
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 18:17:14 GMT
Why can't we check the date on the war file when tomcat starts up, and delete
any corresponding expanded directories if the war file is newer than it was when
the directory was last expanded. This would not be expensive, since it only
needs to happen once when Tomcat is restarted.

The deploy tool that I use is Microsoft Frontpage, which is not designed to
delete files automatically in the destination that are missing in the source. It
would be better if Tomcat could clean up after itself.


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Subject:    Re: WAR File problem - Don't cut final version until fixed.
Date:       4/4/00 9:30 AM

It's a feature, not a bug :-)

Or at least that's how it was intended to run.

In a perfect world, we would have a deploy tool with 2 buttons:
- deploy
- remove/undeploy

In tomcat, deploy means:
- put the war file in webapps directory

Undeploy means:
- remove the war file _and_ the expanded files

The expanded directory is the internal tomcat representation - if the directory
there that means the application is deployed "into" tomcat.

To update you need to "un-deploy" - i.e. remove the directory. Checking for
is too expensive and not usefull - it's the deploy tool job that has to deal
that ( in our case - you are the deploy tool, with help from "rm -rf " and "cp")


Jonathan Pierce wrote:

> There seems to be a problem with War Files not being expanded again when the
> server starts up if the previous expanded files exist. I am running a daily
> snapshot from last week.
> Here is the entry from my server.xml file:
>        <Context path="" docBase="webapps/oasis" debug="0" reloadable="true">
>         </Context>
> I have a war file named oasis.war in my webapps directory. The first time I
> tomcat and call my servlet, the war file expands into a  directory named Oasis
> in the webapps directory. If I then stop tomcat, replace the war file, and
> it again, Tomcat serves the old previously expanded version of the servlet. I
> need to delete the expanded directory manually to get Tomcat to reexpand the
> war file.
> Jonathan
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> Subject:    The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
> Author:
> Date:       4/4/00 11:21 AM
> If anyone knows of any issues that they feel absolutely must be resolved
> before release, please speak now or forever hold your peace!
> From what I can see, the release looks pretty good.
> - Sam Ruby
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