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From (Jonathan Pierce)
Subject WAR File problem - Don't cut final version until fixed.
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:58:20 GMT
There seems to be a problem with War Files not being expanded again when the
server starts up if the previous expanded files exist. I am running a daily
snapshot from last week.

Here is the entry from my server.xml file:

       <Context path="" docBase="webapps/oasis" debug="0" reloadable="true"> 

I have a war file named oasis.war in my webapps directory. The first time I run
tomcat and call my servlet, the war file expands into a  directory named Oasis
in the webapps directory. If I then stop tomcat, replace the war file, and start
it again, Tomcat serves the old previously expanded version of the servlet. I
need to delete the expanded directory manually to get Tomcat to reexpand the new
war file.


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Subject:    The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date:       4/4/00 11:21 AM

If anyone knows of any issues that they feel absolutely must be resolved
before release, please speak now or forever hold your peace!

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