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Subject Re: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:11:23 GMT
 ---- Craig wrote: 

> Kevin Jones wrote:
> > I reported one yesterday (hope it's not too late). It is an issue I thought
> > had been resolved ages ago to do with access to XML methods.
> >
> > I'm running JDK 1.3rc1 - if I go to a page with a tag lib I get the
> > com.sun.xml.tree.ParentNode access error, if I rebuild the source everything
> > works.
> >
> Which OS/JVM combination?  Are you sure you were using the 1.3rc1 release (and
> not one of the nightly builds)?  The reason I ask is that the underlying issue
> is that the code you use needs to be compiled with a 1.2 compiler to run
> (without this problem) on a 1.2 JVM.  The release candidate was indeed compiled
> with a 1.2 compiler, but nightly builds are not (I don't think).

It seems that "com.sun.xml.tree.ParentNode access error"  is a problem in nightly builds.
I was also made to think that it is also a problem with 3.1rc1, but then
I realized that my TOMCAT_HOME is still pointing to one
of the nightly builds!  I thought this info might help.  All my projects are working well
with 3.1rc1.


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