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Subject Re: new RELEASE-PLAN
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 03:23:49 GMT

> Ok, so if I understand this correctly for the month of march the only
> real code changes should be in the category of fixing bugs and
> integration issues, and wholesale alterations or feature adds should be
> put off until april or done in a "revolution/proposal" space?


Not quite - right now tomcat architecture moved most of the functionality
in modules. If you want to add a feature probably you'll be able to do so
by just creating a new module ( Request or Context Interceptor ). It is a
lot that can be done without touching any of the stable code. 

We just want to froze the APIs and the core modules so that we can have a
stable release. We would also like  to have all the contributors
focused on  stability and bug fixing - it's a group project and fixing
bugs and adding documentation is one of the hardest things, much harder
than adding a new feature. 

But if you have something really important ( like virtual host support ?)
please try to do it as an experimental module, extending/overriding any
existing part.  If you can't do that - well, that means it's a bug in
tomcat architecture and we have to fix the bugs. Probably it will not be
enabled by default - but it can still be part of the release. 

( Apache is the model I think we should follow - almost all features are
independent and can be developed independently )



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