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Subject Re: Problem with current mechanism for initialization of Contexts
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 03:50:25 GMT
> The problem stated below appears to be caused because initURLs() is
> called inside of the 'addContext' method.
> A possible solution could be to move the initURL() call to the
> engineInit() portion (getting the contexts from the ContextManager).

When you add a context to the engine it is supposed to be fully
initialized, i.e. to have at least path and docbase. 

One thing you can do - take a look at the admin context. It can be used to
add/remove contexts at runtime. That mean you can have nothing in
server.xml and add your contexts after tomcat starts ( and remove them

Another solution - we can have initURLs() in contextInit(), which is
called just before we start serving files using that context. Probably we
can do both - I also think it's a good idea. 

Right now we want to "freeze" the APIs, but that is just an implementation
detail and I think we can do the change.


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