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Subject Re: Naming and Layout
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 03:37:16 GMT
> I am curious. Does there exist some documentation that
> explains the conventions for the name mappings that exist
> in the Tomcat web server. An understanding of this seems 
> to be assumed, but I have having difficulty seeing the 
> logic behind a servlet/jsp URL and its actual location on 
> the server directory tree. 
> What do terms like path and docbase mean and are what are 
> they relative to?

path = the URL prefix that will be handled by a context
docbase = the directory where the context files are located.

Inside docbase you have WEB-INF - which is mandated by Servlet2.2

Inside WEB-INF you have classes, lib and web.xml  - all 
fully defined in the servlet specification.


> I think I must be missing an architecture diagram here. Or
> something that makes the translation from url to filesystem
> and vice versa obvious.
> Also re the web-inf (WEB-INF) directory. Is that a mandatory
> name with some historical significance or will anything do?
> Are there other magic names I should be aware of? 


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