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From Ed Korthof>
Subject nightly source snapshots broken?
Date Sat, 25 Mar 2000 07:57:53 GMT
hi --

i went to through the site to see about getting a snapshot of the tomcat
source, and found that the current files are empty -- i'm guessing that
something about the build process is broken.  i'd be happy to help fix
this, if no one's working on it. fwiw -- i have an account on, though i'm not in the jakarta group, so i'm not sure if
i'd be able to do more than diagnose exactly what's wrong.

check out :
to see what I mean ...

as a brief introduction: i've worked a bit on Apache-JServ (and before
that, Apache 1.2); i'm interested in becoming taking a look at Tomcat,
since the plan is to replace JServ with it.  i generally live in san
francisco (though right now i've been in tokyo for a few months on a
contract gig); i'm a member of the ASF; and i prefer to work in C and Java
(i've done a modest amount of work with each).

thanks --


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