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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: nightly source snapshots broken?
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2000 05:15:25 GMT

Ed Korthof wrote:

> hi --
> i went to through the site to see about getting a snapshot of the tomcat
> source, and found that the current files are empty -- i'm guessing that
> something about the build process is broken.  i'd be happy to help fix

I'll fix it - the scripts are run from my crontab, and the builds machines are
not easily accessible ( security, policy, etc).

All the scripts are in jakarta-tomcat/src/build, take a look - I would be more
than happy to have you take over ( at least part of it). It's ant, but it's
using some tricks
and hacks.

> this, if no one's working on it. fwiw -- i have an account on
>, though i'm not in the jakarta group, so i'm not sure if
> i'd be able to do more than diagnose exactly what's wrong.

It would be very nice to have cross-acces between apache projects - it's a
pain for me to download apache 2.0 snapshots, and I suppose all commiters
should be trusted. Of course, it's not for us to decide.


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