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From Harish <>
Subject Re: which classes to use to modify server.xml
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 08:02:15 GMT
 	It isn't HttpServer, but that i have overridden. I have
added a method getHttpServer() which return me the ref. to the
HttpServer that AdminImpl contains. From the HttpServer reference, i get
the CM and so on.

sorry for the mistake,

Harish wrote:
> Hi,
>      This is for a scenario in which Tomcat is running on a
> machine(which wasn't started from my program) and i need to connect to
> it from my program and do an addition/modification/deletion of Contexts.
>      I'm doing a look up in the RMI Registry to get a reference to the
> HttpServer(Tomcat "HttpServer" class) running[All my program  knows is
> the host/port number of the registry].I have overridden the
>, added a "getContextManager()" method using which i get
> a ref. to the context Manager. This,i use to get the info all the
> contexts i wish to modify(or delete etc.)
>      I have a strong feeling that there's a neater way of doing it
> instead of overriding, something which i'm not able to
> figure out. Do I need to use a Connector(excuse me if i'm wrong)?
> someone please enlighten me,
> Thanks,
> harish
> Harish wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >    I'm trying to write a plug-in which takes in a WAR file as input and
> > modifies the server.xml, copies the WAR into the directory of
> > jakarta-tomcat and then restart the server(or do i have the option of
> > hot deployment, without any restarts?)
> >
> >    Can some one please tell me which packages/classes of tomcat can be
> > used to do this?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > harish

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