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From Hans Bergsten <>
Subject Re: new RELEASE-PLAN
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 08:43:48 GMT
Anil Vijendran wrote:
> Hans Bergsten wrote:
> > Except for one thing, it looks fine to me. What I miss in the list of
> > goals is "100% spec compliance". This is, after all, the Reference
> > Implementation so spec compliance should have the highest priority IMHO.
> Agreed.
> > As far as I know, 3.1 is not that far off. The only feature I know is
> > missing that's not listed in the plan is URL rewriting. It's mandatory
> > according to the spec, and it should not be too hard to add. I wish I could
> > volunteer, but I'm simply too busy at this time to make such a promise.
> > But if you know of other features that are not there yet, or planned to
> > be there by the 3.1 release date, I suggest you add them to the list.
> Hmmm. Maybe I missed something obvious but AFAIK, URL rewriting is not 
> mandatory according to the servlet spec. I've heard of talk of making it 
> mandatory in future because WAP and other wireless protocols might require it.
> Have you seen something in the spec that mentions that URL rewriting is 
> mandatory? Can you please point me to it?

Well, on closer look, maybe it's not mandatory after all. I know that James
suggested it to be mandatory during the 2.2 spec work, and I assumed
the suggestion was accepted since no one objected. But the actual text in
the spec is vague (7.1.1 URL Rewriting):

  URL rewriting is the lowest common denominator of session tracking. In cases 
  where a client will not accept a cookie, URL rewriting may be used by the 
  server to establish session tracking.

Since it's described as "the lowest common denominator", it sounds like
it's mandatory to me. But then there's a "may" in the next sentence ...

Maybe Danny Coward can clarify and add it to the spec errata doc.
Anyway, all other containers I know of implement it, and it's frequently 
requested, so if anyone has enough cycles available to fix it in 3.1 it
would be great.


> Thanks.
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> Peace, Anil +<:-)
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Hans Bergsten
Gefion Software

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