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From Anil Vijendran <>
Subject Re: new RELEASE-PLAN
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 08:10:55 GMT
Hans Bergsten wrote:

> Except for one thing, it looks fine to me. What I miss in the list of
> goals is "100% spec compliance". This is, after all, the Reference
> Implementation so spec compliance should have the highest priority IMHO.


> As far as I know, 3.1 is not that far off. The only feature I know is
> missing that's not listed in the plan is URL rewriting. It's mandatory
> according to the spec, and it should not be too hard to add. I wish I could
> volunteer, but I'm simply too busy at this time to make such a promise.
> But if you know of other features that are not there yet, or planned to
> be there by the 3.1 release date, I suggest you add them to the list.

Hmmm. Maybe I missed something obvious but AFAIK, URL rewriting is not mandatory according
to the servlet spec. I've heard of
talk of making it mandatory in future because WAP and other wireless protocols might require

Have you seen something in the spec that mentions that URL rewriting is mandatory? Can you
please point me to it?


Peace, Anil +<:-)

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