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From Talin <>
Subject SUGGESTION: Make mod_jserv non-java-specific
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 19:58:56 GMT
There have been a number of attempts, such as FastCGI and others, to
overcome the performance problems of CGIs, in particular the need to start a
new shell process with each request. Most of these schemes involve something
like mod_jserv, where an apache module communicates with a persistent
process that holds the actual page generation code. However, each of the
schemes I have seen is rather ad hoc, targeted towards a particular
appserver implementation or a particular language. In other words, there's
nothing along the lines of the CGI standard for "resident" programs.

It occurs to me that there is very little in the mod_jserv and the apjxxx
protocols that is specific to Java. Would it be possible to make a
mod_appserver or something like this, based on mod_jserv, that would allow
application servers to be written in any language?

In other words, what I would like to see is a language-neutral application
interface, along the lines of the CGI standard, except that it would be
oriented towards application servers. The Apache module would be one
implementation of this standardized interface.

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