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From Daniel Kehoe <>
Subject Re: newbie question about port number..
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 01:21:05 GMT
>When I access Servlet :8080 port number should be added to locahost...
>But I would like to not type the port number...
>How can I access Servlet without port number?...

By default, Tomcat is accessible on port 8080 (presumably so it 
doesn't interfere with any previously installed web servers). Web 
browsers connect to port 80 by default, so you should change the 
Tomcat configuration file
<your directories>/tomcat/server.xml
<Server adminPort="-1" workDir="work">
     <ContextManager port="8080" hostName="" inet="">
<Server adminPort="8080" workDir="work">
     <ContextManager port="80" hostName="" inet="">
and restarting Tomcat. If you are not starting Tomcat as the system 
superuser (root), you will get an error " 
Permission denied" because access to port 80 is denied to anyone but 
root. With Tomcat set to use port 80, you must be the superuser to 
start and stop Tomcat.

With Tomcat listening on port 80, you should be able to use a web 
browser to access Tomcat test pages at

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