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Subject Re: [Catalina] Using XML Parsing Package in "org.apache.tomcat.util.xml"
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 09:21:29 GMT
> * Right now, you're passing in the root object that
>   gets pushed on the stack.  This means you cannot
>   use the ObjectCreate approach to create the outermost
>   object with a configurable class name.  How about if we
>   change this so that readXml() returns the very first object
>   it adds to the hierarchy (i.e. the outermost object that
>   it parses)?

That's how it worked in the first draft. It should be easy to re-implement
that ( or it should work - try to pass a null ). 
( it is good to have both methods, for simple cases it might be simpler to 
pass the object you want to "fill" - I have to do that for Context when I
read web.xml, since Context is created in server.xml  configuration, and
then I just want to set properties on it)

> * In Catalina, the set of rules to be configured will vary
>   depending on how you are deploying your container
>   hierarchy.  I could handle this in the shell program, but
>   I'd prefer to add a method to XmlMapper that loads a
>   set of rules from a resource file in some reasonable format.
>   That way, you could support mutliple configuration file
>   formats with a pretty generic startup/shutdown program.

Any addition is good, as long as it doesn't brake something that works :-)


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