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Subject Re: [Catalina] Using XML Parsing Package in "org.apache.tomcat.util.xml"
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 03:02:38 GMT
> Costin,
> I'd like to try using the XmlMapper stuff you've built (in package
> org.apache.tomcat.util.xml) to configure Catalina.  Are the interfaces
> and functionality stable enough to start using?  In addition, I'll let
> you know if I would find particular modifications useful.

It should be good enough, it can read web.xml ( not so easy ).

You can add new XmlActions if you need (in XMLMapper if generic,
local in your class if specific to the application ). 

Make any changes you want, and let me know what you think ( I spent a lot
of time for XmlMapper...)


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