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Subject Re: Discussion: AJP next
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 16:50:39 GMT
> wrote:
> > [...]
> > 1. If a response _does_ set expire headers, it should be easy to cache it
> > on apache side, either in memory or in file system. ( similar with using a
> > squid accelerator). We don't need any API, just an apache module ( that
> > can be used for CGIs for example ). It would be really _cool_.
> But you are talking about the whole response, while I'm talking about
> fragments. To get the idea, just take a look at some larger portal site
> - you've got several common elements, like w3 catalogs, stock indexes,
> latest news, and finally - some advertising. Usually you can cache those
> elements with different expiration times - for example hours for w3
> catalog is usually fine, latest news may be delayed by minutes, stock
> indexes by seconds or minutes. Ads cannot be cached at all, cause you
> will usually need some personal profiling methods to serve them. So -
> the common denominator for the whole page is not to cache it at all,
> becouse it is partially served on a per-user basis.

Wait, I don't get it - how can you guess what portion doesn't change ???
The servlet API doesn't have any support for that - in a templating system
like JSP you might detect if a portion changed, but for a general Servlet
I don't have any idea...


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