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Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Re: <Servlet> tag
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 03:56:24 GMT
> I did not realize that.  That rather negates the benefits of adding the
> SERVLET tag as an intrinsic feature.  Why must the <BAR:SERVLET> prefix
> and XML notation be used?  A single tag (with no prefix) seems like a
> rather trival thing to implement (no disrespect intended, I'm just
> trying to understand the reason behind this).

I think it's very simple:
A "JSP" page ( ends with .jsp ) is a file that follows the "Java Server
Pages" specification. If you read the specification, you'll find out that
it doesn't have a <servlet> tag. 

It doesn't matter if <servlet> is good or bad, or how easy it is to add
it. If you add it you'll no longer have a JSP page - i.e. if you try to
run it on another server that supports JSP it will not work. 

You can create a new template mechanism and use <servlet> and any other
tags, but just don't call it JSP.
If your system will use Servlet API you can plug it into tomcat, and it
will be treated the same as JSP pages.

Or you can send feedback to JSP spec authors - and if the next spec will
have <servlet>, we'll have to implement it. 


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