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Subject Re: Few minor Q's for a ServerConnector
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 08:04:45 GMT
On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Bob Jamison wrote:

> 1:  Is implementing ServerConnector, getting the ContextManager
> from the setContextManager() call, and naming the Connector in server.xml,
> sufficient to bind the Connector to the rest of Tomcat to process
> Requests?   I  -think- it is, just want to make sure before I go down the
> wrong path.

We can add some magic words :-)
( you can get config parameters in setProperty if you need to ).

> 2: On the Apache side, is the call:
> ap_get_client_block(requestPtr,buffer,buffer_length);
> the proper place to get the information to feed the input stream
> of a RequestImpl?  (For PUTs and POSTs)

Should work. 

> 3:  On the Apache side again, is the call:
> ap_write(write_buf,buf_length,requestPtr);
> the proper destination for the servletOutputStream of the ResponseImpl?



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