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From Shachor Gal <>
Subject Re: IIS and Netscape connector
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 07:55:42 GMT

> I am looking at the new native code, and seems really great.

> I have few questions ( probably post-3.1 ):
> - can we remove the pre-compiled binaries from CVS, and move them in
> ( next to mod_jserv and other binaries we
> have). 

Yes,  we can do that even pre-3.1

> Any build for Unix ( there is no Makefile )?   
All the code (not including a small portion of the jni worker) actually
compiles on my AIX. The thing is that I just do not have the time to test
it (or create a reasonable set of makefiles).

> - What is the jk_ prefix :-)? It's easier to remember a name when you can
> make an association...
The jk stands for JaKarta :) (I also considered tc, but then we are going 
to have this code running with Catalina which is ct), I wanted something
that can diffrenciate the Jakarta unique code from all other libraries
that we may use (like for example APR) I can not use name-spaces so I chose
a prefix (similar to what ap_ is in apache) 

> - Can we add a bit of structure, like separating the files by
> functionality ( like isapi, nsapi, apach modules, general  functions like 
> log, tcp, config, etc) ? ( I still remember a bit of C, but from a Java
> point of view it's nice to have some packages and interfaces :-)
You are correct about putting the IIS and NSAPI code in different
directories, the other parts of the code however are common to both of them and
should be in a "common" jk directory. I see that you also mention apache,
adding support for apache using the current code is really trivial (one
very short file), we can have it within less then a week of my spare time.

> - There are a log of usefull and nice C methods inside - pools,
> connection, logging. I was thinking to use APR from Apache ( which is
> another library of usefull methods, very portable - I think it's not hard
> to use it with IIS or netscape as a C library ), but simpler is better,
> probably apr is too complex. 
It was not a question of simple/vs complex as it is the issue of general
availability. APR (I am following it's evolution) and the Apache2.0
codebase in general has many things that I need (locks/threading/socket
abstraction ...) and it is all cross platform. I want to use it and when
it is out I will try to embed it into the plugins.

> - Did you tried JNI on Unix ? Or with Apache 2.0 ?
Not yet, not enough time, however a code very similar to this one already
worked on Solaris/AIX.

	Gal Shachor 

> Costin
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