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From "James, Barnaby" <>
Subject RE: Servlet reloading?
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 21:47:11 GMT
Jon wrote:

> Turbine *depends* on this functionality being present because I store
> whether or not a user has logged into a session variable. If every single
> time I recompile my classes during development requires me to log back in,
> I would never get any work done.

+1 for preserving the sessions.

Some time back there was talk of having an external command to "refresh" all
of the loaded servlets rather than (or as well as) straight servlet
reloading. This is sometimes useful in a production environment where you
would have servlet reloading disabled for efficiency but you want to quickly
roll a bug fix in. Session preservation obviously would be useful in this

Barnaby James
Caere Corp.
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