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Subject Re: Adding another scripting language to Jasper
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2000 14:51:03 GMT

Nathan wrote:
> Has anyone tried to add another scripting language to Jasper.  I was
thinking of
> trying to add rhino (Mozilla's java implementation of JavaScript)  Was
> designed to easily add another scripting language.

I have a number of scripting languages working with a modified Jasper,
including Rhino.  For a complete list of languages, take a look at .  The modifications aren't extensive.

I've said this before, but never managed to follow through: I'll try to
publish what I've done as a proposal this weekend, and include the
necessary code (as well as caveats)

Part of my reluctance is that BSF is not yet (watch this space) truly open
source.  And even when it is, I wouldn't want Jasper to have a hard pre-req
on BSF in that there is value in a smaller package for people only
interested in Java.  And the current code is a hack...

- Sam Ruby

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