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Subject Re: Ant bug; Tomcat broken further
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:05:22 GMT

> Well, first, the current cvs won't compile so I'm not
> sure if the shutdown problem was fixed.

I've tracked down both problems, and fixed them.  Both had the same root

> Surely any replacement for make would need
> to check timestamps.

Ant does check timestamps in the sense that it checks to see if the output
class file is out of date with respect to the input source file.  What it
does not do is any sort of autodependencies, namely if a given class
imports, implements, or extends another class and that class changes, ant
does not recompile the dependent source too.

In both of these cases, changes were made that impacted the JspC (command
line compiler).

A number of suggestions have been made on how to address this in Ant, but
to my knowledge no general solution has been suggested.

- Sam Ruby

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