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Subject Re: nightly build scripts (was: IllegalAccessError and Tags)
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 00:14:14 GMT

Danno wrote:
>> P.S.  At this point, I am having deep difficulty in repressing my
>> heritage, and the impulse to express my outrage in a very forceful and
>> direct manner.  Perhaps Stefano can help me out here when he gets back
>> Friday?  <grin>
>Too many feature requests/demands and not enough developer bandwidth can
>do that to anyone.

I guess I was being too obscure.  Let me be more direct:

   Write once, Run everywhere.  Great slogan - lousy track record.

There, I feel better.  And I'm quite sure that Stefano would have been
*much* more eloquent than I on the subject.

- Sam Ruby

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