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Subject Re: nightly build scripts (was: IllegalAccessError and Tags)
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2000 16:46:27 GMT

Danno Ferrin wrote:
>More follow-up on this for the build process....
>Where are the tomcat zips being made?  After seeing this error on two
>(or more...) different binary releases it leads me to believe that this
>error is being introduced by someting that can be changed and not by
>random occurrence.  Is the compiler jikes or the 1.3ea compiler?  Is
>there an old xml jar in the extensions?  If it happens more than once it
>can be nailed down.

The 3.1_M1 builds were done on Linux using the IBM 1.1.8 JDK.  I used 1.1.8
because I felt that the output of this would run on the most platforms.

It took me a while to notice it, but the servlet-2.2.0.jar which was
actually checked into the jakarta-tools CVS tree was bad, and caused
illegal access errors such as these (if I recall correctly, the class names
were different).    I rebuild servlet-2.2.0.jar and checked it in, but
people don't tend refresh jakarta-tools on any regular basis.

I do not rebuild project-x.  In fact, I am not even aware of where the
source to this is.

- Sam Ruby

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