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From Tor Neple <>
Subject How does one set server policies for Tomcat ?
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2000 09:39:03 GMT

I am sorry if this is the wrong mailinglist for this question, if so please
advise which list would be appropriate.

So here is the problem :

In an attempt to create a library of links (URLS) that can be updated by
collegaues in an intranet I have made a .html page that shows a form and
sends the input (information about the link to be added) to a .jsp page that
makes a call to a bean.  The bean reads the list of stored links (stored in
XML), and creates a new XML element.  After doing this the bean writes the
information back to the file.

It all works fine when I use the system from the machine running the server
(logged in as root).  But when I attempt to use it from a remote machine it
won't work.

I have narrowed it down to being a question of access rights on the server.
The .XML file is chmoded to 666, so that should be ok.  I figure it's a Java

In J2EE Ref Impl (sun) there is a file called "server.policy" where such
rights can be specified.  Is there an equvalient in Tomcat ?  Or rather how
can this be done with Tomcat ?

Thanx in advance


Tor Neple		SINTEF Telecom & Informatics
e-mail :
Office phone :		+47 22 06 74 99

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