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From Luc Saint-Elie <>
Subject Re: Tomcat vs. Resin
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2000 17:50:49 GMT

My remark is perhaps stupid (if so.. forget it) but what has been 
discovered is perhaps the need for a plug-in replacement for the Tomcat 
http server.

There are a (OK a few ) people who for various reasons doesn't need a full 
blown Apache but who would need a little but good Java Web server.

There are several ones around like LWS from GefionSoftware or Jetty, but 
none of them is a real plug-in replacement for Tomcat HTTP server.

By plug-in I mean able to be compiled as a jar file that could be use in 
place of webserver.jar in a standard Tomcat install and working exactly as 
this webserver.jar*

Le 19:23 08/02/2000 +0200, Shachor Gal a écrit:

 > Hi,

 >Tomcat was not optimized yet, even simple stuff like thread pooling is not
 >implemented... To add to that problem the HTTP engine used by Tomcat is
 >relatively primitive and unoptimized.

 >Resin on the other hand is considered one of the fastest servlet
 >containers in the industry.

 >This is exactly what you found out.

 >Until now most of the work around Tomcat concentrates on adding
 >functionality, I guess that the next versions will improve in terms of

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