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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: Only Having To Put API's in one place???
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 16:08:20 GMT
There is a solution, but it will expose the APIs to all processes
running java.  If you are using JDK1.2.2 jar up the classes and place
them under <JRE_HOME>/lib/ext.  If you are running from the JDK on unix
<JRE_HOME> is <JDK_HOME>/jre.  On windows if  the JDK is in the system
path it is the same as unix, but if you are running from the java that
the installer puts in the WINNT/ or WINDOWS/ directories then <JRE_HOME>
is most likely hiding in "\Program Files\javasoft\JRE\1.2\"

There is also a system property you can set to change the location of
this "system extensions" directory, but it is (to my knowledge)
undocumented outside of the source distribution and hence may change in
future releases.


Eric Lebetsamer wrote:
> This may be a really dumb question but here goes.  How can I configure tomcat in a manner
so that I can use my own API's and I only have to place them in a single directory but will
still be available to multiple applications.  EX.
>     I have 5 apps:(directory strucure)
>         tomcat/app1/
>         tomcat/app2/
>         tomcat/app3/
>         tomcat/app4/
>         tomcat/app5/
>     I have an API called com.hh.util.DoHtml.  Currently I have to place this class in
every directory listed above.  As you can guess this gets very time consuming especially considering
that I build to a Dev server and a Production server.  I would like to just have one place
where all 5 apps could access this class.  Maybe like "tomcat/classes/" or something.  Is
this possible?  Sorry, this one was hard to put into words.
> Thanks,
>     Eric

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