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From John Thorhauer <>
Subject Re: session tracking
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2000 13:15:36 GMT
> HttpSession session = request.getSession(); (for JSDK2.1)
> produces new sessions even there is a valid session open.

I have the same problem.  isNew() always returns true even if the
session has been established.  I can create a session in one servlet/jsp
page and then add attributes to it.  I then point it to another
servlet/jsp page within the same web application and create a session
and the isNew() returns true as well.  However, I can still retrieve the
attribute that were set on the previous servlet.  How can the session be
new if it is carrying the attributes that were previously set and a new
servlet/jsp can access it?


** John Thorhauer
** Web Developer

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