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From Peter Blakeley <>
Subject Realm.authenticate() failure
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2000 08:03:38 GMT

I am currently trying to intergrate our existing Realm implementation
with Craig's catalina.Realm interface but find that the authenticate
methods only return null on failure. Currently I throw
NoSuchUserException, InvalidPasswordException,
InvalidCertificateException Exceptions's to provide some feedback to
users as to why their logon failed amd also to Audit Log authentication

Perhaps Craig or someone would like to explain the thinking behind only
returtning a null as opposed to throwing an Exception indicating the
reason for failure.   

cheers pb...


Peter Blakeley 
Head of Software Development Coolcat Software Pty. Ltd.
Director Clearwater WebTech Pty. Ltd.

A financial instrument is a device used by a Banker to pick your pocket.
It is said an art degree is a licence to know it all, I am lucky I need
no art degree.

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