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From Jean-Luc Rochat <>
Subject Re: Load Balancing
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2000 16:39:00 GMT
Shachor Gal wrote:
> > Is anyone working on load balancing for tomcat.
> > If so GREAT, when can we get it :)
> > If not
> > Any ideas and thoughts so far on this?
> > Is it something I can take up?
> >
> As a concept, Tomcat inherits the Jserv code that handled load balancing.
> The problem is that this code is currently partially broken... session
> state will not work correctly!!!
> As soon as I will be able to check code into the CVS I will fix that and
> let you know... Hopefully sooner then later.
> Now, for how it is working...
> Apache (or any other web server) is first accepting the request, when it
> finds out that the request should go to Tomcat it need to decide who is
> the Tomcat process to be used. Deciding that can be based on something
> like round robin but then you also need to support session affinity to the
> JVM where the session started.
> Jserv (as well as other servlet engines) solved this problem by embedding
> the JVM id inside the session id sent to the client. Currently this part
> is broken so sessions will not work (at all).
>         Gal Shachor
Hi Gal,

go on ! I was just planning to rewrite parts of this code, but sounds
cool to work on this with others and get it working soon.


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