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From Eugen Kuleshov <>
Subject Re: request for comments about Multilinguage JSP
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:32:55 GMT
Assaf Arkin wrote:
> My test case is actually a Servlet which contains only the logic and
> does not generate a single line of HTML. Everything is done in XSLT, and
> it rocks.
> Of course that raises the question, why would one use JSP for?
> Certainly not for presentation. But when JSP gains XML capabilities, you
> might find it easier to use existing XML beans from inside an XML page.
> Your JSP page will in effect invoke beans, glue them together, maybe do
> some code, maybe not.
> You will also need to produce some XML for the portion of the
> information that is static.

  Thats right. But it is not the answer on my question and not solve
problem of multilanguage JSP.
  Other reason for don't use XML/XSLP egine is a speed of request
processing. "Classical" JSP produced HTML is faster and eat less
resources. JSP complied in first request and then run like other

  Eugen Kuleshov.

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