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From Eugen Kuleshov <>
Subject Re: request for comments about Multilinguage JSP
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:20:20 GMT
Assaf Arkin wrote:
> My personal opinion is that this practice will erode over time as we
> tend to rely more and more on XML.
> Your XML JSP page will produce the information for the page, but not the
> actual text content (or presentation). The text content will come from
> an XSLT stylesheet.
> So you'll reuse the same JSP, but apply different stylesheets or
> otherwise embed the language-specific information into the stylesheet.
> The XSLT engine hidden behind the JSP page will need to support the
> language (and media type) negotiation, of course.
> I do think that having a design patten like:
>   style.en.xsl

  Of course this is another way. There I have more control and can
choice .xsl stylesheet.
  But I'm don't sure about JSP for generating XML content. Where is
profit there? I think using servlets is better for generating XML
content. Because XML must contain only data and not contain any visual
  Most profit of JSP is a separation of data generation (beans or
controller servlets) and presentation design issues (html and so on).

  Eugen Kuleshov.

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