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From Assaf Arkin <>
Subject Re: request for comments about Multilinguage JSP
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 23:10:17 GMT
My personal opinion is that this practice will erode over time as we
tend to rely more and more on XML.

Your XML JSP page will produce the information for the page, but not the
actual text content (or presentation). The text content will come from
an XSLT stylesheet.

So you'll reuse the same JSP, but apply different stylesheets or
otherwise embed the language-specific information into the stylesheet.

The XSLT engine hidden behind the JSP page will need to support the
language (and media type) negotiation, of course.

I do think that having a design patten like:


would make it easy to support different languages.


Eugen Kuleshov wrote:
> Hello!
>   I would like to see any comments about implementing support for
> Multilanguage Java Server Pages in JSP engine.
>   Apache have module named mod_negotiation. This module use
> accept-language heager http variable and negotiate request to
> corresponding file. ie index.html.en,, etc...
>   It will be great to add same functionality to JSP engine. For example
> we have these pages:
>   index.en.jsp
>   One of them marked in config as default page (if no accepted
> languages).
>   For every request JSP must check accept-language in http headers and
> call corresponding jsp file. I think it's not so hard to add this
> functionality to jsp class loader.
>   Any comments.
>   Thank you.
>   Eugen Kuleshov.
> PS: maybe someone can forward it to jsp-interests list?
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