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From George Klimes <>
Subject Analyze this ...
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:01:32 GMT

          Dear friends,
I am in a position to pull a trigger on an java application that is
going to use apache and a servlet container. I have to make a
decision btw jserv and tomcat. I don't have the first hand experience
with them in a heavy duty production environment, something like
10 hits per second. I'd like to ask these following questions:

1. Stability is critical, we can compromise on performance. I assume,
    jserv is battle-tested,  and could be more stable than tomcat ?
    How about some criteria/stats on how much traffic we can handle
    with jserv and tomcat before a container induced crash?
    I red the Faq-o-matic,  the last question tries to address this
    No one has tried yet, apparently.

2. Compatibility issues: we would like to run some jsp's. If I install
    latest Jserv 1.1, will I be able to install  and run GNUJSP 1.0?

3. What would be your choice ?

 Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.


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