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From Michal Mosiewicz <>
Subject Re: Discussion: AJP next
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2000 19:45:22 GMT wrote:
> [...]
> Wait, I don't get it - how can you guess what portion doesn't change ???
> The servlet API doesn't have any support for that - in a templating system
> like JSP you might detect if a portion changed, but for a general Servlet
> I don't have any idea...

True that servlet API doesn't solve it. But I'm looking toward future
specifications. I was experimenting on JServ to test potential gains. In
that case I was able to insert additional methods to mark static body in
JServConnection and then I could cast request to JServConnection, and I
could use those methods. That's how I tested my ideas. That's is hardly
possible in reference implementation.

As for now, you can only use some custom content encoding to accomplish
this features. So that means that some custom protocol have to be
layered over http response. 

Another simple solution would be using dispatchers as the mean of
marking different content cacheability. That is I think implemented in
Resin. However in case of resin, cache is stored and managed by the java
engine, not the apache.

Of course this problem is more related to general policies of Tomcat
development. IMHO folding Tomcat into non-expandable environment, which
is very restrictively limited to current specification is bad. It's
safer to assume that current specification is not the ultimate solution,
and it will have to evolve.

So my point is, that smart information caching may be useful right now,
but currently it can be only limited to full resource content. However
it is better to give it more power, that could be used in the future. 

-- Mike

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