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From Jason Hunter <>
Subject Re: Servlet reloading?
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 20:44:29 GMT
> > Cool trick.  What happens to objects in the session that aren't
> > serializable, such as happens with a non-distributed webapp?
> Right now, they are just discarded silently which can be annoying if
> you forget to make them serializable...

Yep, that's what I was afraid of.  IMO, it would be better to lose all
session objects on a context reload than lose some session data.  The
downside though is that if I arrange for everything to be Serializable,
then having this behavior would be really slick.  Maybe this should be
an optional behavior that can be turned on?

> > And do you see this as a way to satisfy the API 2.2 requirement 
> > that no unexpected ClassCastException problems occur?  What about
> > objects not in a session that are shared by servlets?
> I see this as a way to solve the problems. JServ has been doing 
> this since like 1.1b3. 

Right, but 1.1b3 isn't trying to be 2.2 compliant.

> Other servlet engines do the same exact thing. I posted
> something to the experts group about making this behavior as part 
> of the ServletAPI, but no one commented...sigh...

So considering an endorsement of this behavior didn't make it into the
spec (for whatever reason), is this still viable?


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