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From "Daniel L. Rall" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] <Servlet> tag
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 03:40:02 GMT
> > If we are going to supply *the* servlet engine, it would be helpful to
> > support common extensions offered by other broadly used products, thus
> > facilitating the switch to Apache Tomcat by having these common
> > extensions available.

> Tomcat does not want to be the one and only servlet engine, much as
> apache (to my knowledge) does not want to be the one and only http
> server.  

I'd like Tomcat to be the best servlet engine (not the only), if I am to
be using it on my projects.  (Just as I consider Apache to be the best
web server.)  My definition of best in this context is high--but not
necessarily highest--performace, powerful, configurable, extendable, and
feature rich.

> The tomcat core is facing a serious limitation in the regard of
> what you want it to do by adding defacto standards to tomcat.  

I don't understand this.  Could you expound upon it a bit?  Does this
have to do with the <PREFIX:TAG> syntax that Hans indicated must be

> Tomcat is
> a reference implementation of a published standard, servlet 2.2 and JSP
> 1.1.  Support for defacto standards are a possibility but unfortunately
> most of these would force tomcat to violate the spec.

Such as adding a tag with no prefix?  (I'm not actively trying to beat
this subject to death, even though it kinda looks that way.  ;)
> But Tomcat is just the core implementation.  There is nothing to prevent
> anyone from forking the tomcat code base and adding these features.  In
> fact the license practically encourages it! (just as long as the name
> makes it unmistakably separate from apache names).  Once Tomcat reaches
> performance parity with JServ and other implementations you will see
> some of this forking happening, perhaps even on a commercial level (like
> apache->stronghold).  If you want to add those extensions go ahead, go
> to town on it.  Let us and other people know because I am sure that
> there are other people who would love to see it.  But as for the apache
> core it won't be put in the code base, because the very premise of the
> jakarta project essentially forbids it.

I'd rather not fork the Tomcat code.  I don't have the resources or time
to deal with maintaining that.  An add-on module sounds like a good
compromise, though I still think that this belongs in Tomcat (if it
doesn't go against the spec.)
Earlier today I mentioned that I might be persuaded to implement a
web-based, searchable list archive (or install one found on Freshmeat). 
Though I requested a server to put this on, I do have my own server to
offer as well.  It has poor connectivity (cable modem w/ static IP) and
intermittent reliability (I play with it all the time).  I could set
something up on it until another server can be found., if you want to ping or traceroute

Perhaps someone can recommend a piece of mailing list archiving
software?  If I don't find one (yeah, how likely is that ;), I'll whip
one up.

Daniel Rall (

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