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From Danno Ferrin <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Re: <Servlet> tag
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 22:42:47 GMT
ok, any specialized tags have absolutely no connection to the "servlet
framework."  The Servlet spec has absolutely no mention of the content
that is parses and is strictly a coding api.  The Java Web Server is a
separate product written by Sun that uses the servlet api but is not any
part of the servlet api.  JWS has a separate technology called jhtml
that includes stuff like that and can parse general pages for SSI tags
like the <servlet> tag.  --These JWS value adds have nothing to do with
the servlet framework and are only JWS specific--

Furthermore, the JWs has *NEVER* been the reference implementation of
the servlet platform, the JSDK and JWSDK have been, and now tomcat is
for Servlet 2.2 and JSP1.1.  Just because some product does some feature
does not mean it is part of the spec, what is in the spec is written
in.  (This goes for JRun people who say "Well JRun lets me do it."  JRun
may let you do it but often it is in violation of the spec.)

As for not wanting to go to jsp from jhtml, given all the press jsp is
getting from sun compared to the press jsp is getting, jhtml is dead
technology.  JSP ain't that far from jhtml, and if the user can use tags
like <servlet> then they can learn a tag that is now a standard part of
the java platform for the enterprise.


now I feel better.


Daniel Rall wrote:
> > What does the <servlet> tag provide that you can't get via
> > <jsp:include>? There's no reason the URI of the include action can't
> > point to a servlet...
> True.  And I usually don't believe in supporting mutliple interfaces.  But in
> this case, I feel that an exception should be made.  The user would have to be
> familiar with Java Server Pages to know about--and how to use--JSP:INCLUDE.  The
> SERVLET tag is part of the Servlet framework itself, rather than its JSP
> extension.  (I'm not certain that the SERVLET tag is actually part of the formal
> spec, but it *is* supported by the Java Web Server, which to date is the
> official reference implementation for a Servlet engine.)
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